Too Many Humans

from by Twentieth Century



So am I the only one who’s got a problem with this.
So am I the only one who cares a jot.
You better hold me back boys, hold me like a friend.
Am I your friend? Are you my friends?
Cos it’s something I fear that’s in doubt.

So am I the only thing that’s standing in the way of this.
Does it suck to be so jacked up on apathy,
To just fapp as it burns.

Is there no-one to sign up for all these things
We’ve talked about for so many years?

I don’t to fear. I know what’s happening.

Their gonna take us out the back
And then shoot us in the head.
They’ve got a problem with us alive,
So it’s cleaner if we’re dead.
But then they’ve got one bigger problem than that:
Too many humans.

It depends
It depends
It depends
It depends
It depends
On us.

We’ve gotta take the power back!
We’ve gotta buck the party line!
And then they’ll suffocate themselves,
They’ll hang themselves in time.
But when we’ve smoked the bastards out
There’s still a bigger problem than that:
Too many


from Cuts, released May 18, 2015
Twentieth Century



all rights reserved


Twentieth Century Cardiff, UK

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