Tongues 1​-​3

from by Twentieth Century



1st voice:
The call is a coarse mechanism

2nd voice:
And when it’s raised it is a slave and gear to reckon with
And when it’s tamed can carry the shame of tears a monolith

1st voice:
Get it in wordplay
Amped up on cliche
Terrible isn’t it
Terrible isn’t it
Allow it a sojourn
Tripping on the tongue
Sometimes it can burn
Sometimes it falls numb

2nd voice:
Earl of Words
King of Terms
Marques De Mot
Oaf of Oaths
Cow of Vows
Cat of Chat
Orc of Talk
Wall of Call

3rd voice:
These were terms agreed upon before we started now you want to take them back you perjurer good thing we wrote it down

See the little imp on my tongue
See how he waggles up and down and
Up and down and up and down and
Up and down and up and down and
Side to side and upside down and inside out and back to front and


from Cuts, released May 18, 2015
Twentieth Century



all rights reserved


Twentieth Century Cardiff, UK

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