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William Mckinley. Moll Cutpurse. Mr. Uni-gunt. MIT, mining the moon, to make moon rock colostomy coracles for fecally incontinent citizens. You think I don’t hear your cries of “KEEP THE SHIT OFF THE STREET”? Mound upon mound of smouldering cattle banked up to an effigy of foweegifay. Don’t worry citizen: no-one can see you clicking that link, licking, licking that clink: CLINK!

William Mckinley. Matthew Mcconaughey. Mahatma Gandhi. Marcel Marceau. And, mass-murdering mardi gras marionettes, Katy From Mars! And holding the whole bowl to ransom over one little egg? We all want to save the polar, citizen. NOW! We all wanna save the polar. C’MON! We all wanna save the polaroid pictures of

William Mckinley. Karlheinz, dressed to the nines, buried alive (grid of nine percussion sounds; all even; before phasing out into syncopation.) L.F. Czolgosz was executed by electric chair. A steel worker, charged with 1st degree murder; a real jerker. Married in Durslur and Filigree, further more was executed by the tCHEK-tCHEK-NUH-tCHENuh-tCHiK-tCHAIR. And Karlheinz, dripping with dripping vines, Etruscan by design and entirely fit for the purpose of stabbing Mr. Uni-gut right in the left eye. The jelly sort of wobbles, and turns the stomach. FELl-EFf-GOLe-TSlokS WAS Ex-CUTIE-PIE-LAY-TRIkIC- tCHyAyer!!!

Mr. Unigut. Please sit down here, citizen, and don’t mind the bear. His pockets are over-flowing with blood-sweets and Dum-Dums. Suck, suck, suck; that’s all you ever think about, boy. If it were my day we’d all be dead anyhow. SHItshEEEEEEyitttt, CITIZZZZEN!!! You make me want to shhhhhhit!

The moon, carved at last, into an accurate sculpture of
William Mckinley. MC Hammer. The March Hare. Mae West. Myra Hindley. Marvel. Madonna, from the Material Girl video. Mama Cass. Marlene Dietrich. Gustav Mahler. Thea Musgrave. Joseph Mengele.


from Cuts, released May 18, 2015
Twentieth Century



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Twentieth Century Cardiff, UK

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