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released May 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Twentieth Century Cardiff, UK

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Track Name: Haiku No.5
Track Name: My Dumb Buddy
My dumb buddy
My silent friend
Dirty little jacket from the attic
Dirty little Rabbit

Holding onto tears I must have cried over the years
Though they would’ve dried you once were soaked emaciated in ‘em
You were there when none else was there

Soft as cotton
Clean but cut
Tarot from the addict to the rabbit
Has to break a habit

Staring at the real boys who talk to girls don’t play with toys
Put behind a friend who never again will be relied upon
To hold, and to know me
So tender, an extension of the soul
Where here’s a box now lets pretend that I lost you

My dumb buddy my silent friend
Dirty little boys got a habit
Silly little rabbit

Dirty little mind
Clinging to a lie
Blaming all the nothing in the stuffing
Crushing and the touching
Nudging and the flushing
Rubbing and the slutting
Brushing and the budding
Grudging and the strutting
Judging and the cutting
Track Name: Tongues 1-3
1st voice:
The call is a coarse mechanism

2nd voice:
And when it’s raised it is a slave and gear to reckon with
And when it’s tamed can carry the shame of tears a monolith

1st voice:
Get it in wordplay
Amped up on cliche
Terrible isn’t it
Terrible isn’t it
Allow it a sojourn
Tripping on the tongue
Sometimes it can burn
Sometimes it falls numb

2nd voice:
Earl of Words
King of Terms
Marques De Mot
Oaf of Oaths
Cow of Vows
Cat of Chat
Orc of Talk
Wall of Call

3rd voice:
These were terms agreed upon before we started now you want to take them back you perjurer good thing we wrote it down

See the little imp on my tongue
See how he waggles up and down and
Up and down and up and down and
Up and down and up and down and
Side to side and upside down and inside out and back to front and
Track Name: YHHH
I now refrain from flinging roses out of windows for you.
I say refrain, I mean I struggle to muster the energy.
I’ve stopped writing about love and stuff:
I don’t understand it. And I’m going to stop trying to.
I’d say you don’t understand me but for me to speak with any authority
I’d have to understand me myself.

You say I never did fling roses out of windows
Those were just photographs,
And every lover in this dry city is either dead or dying.

Sometimes they weren’t even photographs.
Sometimes they were rocks,
And more often than not the windows were closed.

Badly taken photographs of flowers thrown like rocks still float
All the mocking way down,
Hailing from the top windows of every empty building
In this loverless dry bone city.
Track Name: Too Many Humans
So am I the only one who’s got a problem with this.
So am I the only one who cares a jot.
You better hold me back boys, hold me like a friend.
Am I your friend? Are you my friends?
Cos it’s something I fear that’s in doubt.

So am I the only thing that’s standing in the way of this.
Does it suck to be so jacked up on apathy,
To just fapp as it burns.

Is there no-one to sign up for all these things
We’ve talked about for so many years?

I don’t to fear. I know what’s happening.

Their gonna take us out the back
And then shoot us in the head.
They’ve got a problem with us alive,
So it’s cleaner if we’re dead.
But then they’ve got one bigger problem than that:
Too many humans.

It depends
It depends
It depends
It depends
It depends
On us.

We’ve gotta take the power back!
We’ve gotta buck the party line!
And then they’ll suffocate themselves,
They’ll hang themselves in time.
But when we’ve smoked the bastards out
There’s still a bigger problem than that:
Too many
Track Name: The Grieving Tree
If you lie here I will stand here.
If you lie here I will stand here.
So what if I break.
So what if I’m struck.
Track Name: Haiku No.3
Track Name: C20
William Mckinley. Moll Cutpurse. Mr. Uni-gunt. MIT, mining the moon, to make moon rock colostomy coracles for fecally incontinent citizens. You think I don’t hear your cries of “KEEP THE SHIT OFF THE STREET”? Mound upon mound of smouldering cattle banked up to an effigy of foweegifay. Don’t worry citizen: no-one can see you clicking that link, licking, licking that clink: CLINK!

William Mckinley. Matthew Mcconaughey. Mahatma Gandhi. Marcel Marceau. And, mass-murdering mardi gras marionettes, Katy From Mars! And holding the whole bowl to ransom over one little egg? We all want to save the polar, citizen. NOW! We all wanna save the polar. C’MON! We all wanna save the polaroid pictures of

William Mckinley. Karlheinz, dressed to the nines, buried alive (grid of nine percussion sounds; all even; before phasing out into syncopation.) L.F. Czolgosz was executed by electric chair. A steel worker, charged with 1st degree murder; a real jerker. Married in Durslur and Filigree, further more was executed by the tCHEK-tCHEK-NUH-tCHENuh-tCHiK-tCHAIR. And Karlheinz, dripping with dripping vines, Etruscan by design and entirely fit for the purpose of stabbing Mr. Uni-gut right in the left eye. The jelly sort of wobbles, and turns the stomach. FELl-EFf-GOLe-TSlokS WAS Ex-CUTIE-PIE-LAY-TRIkIC- tCHyAyer!!!

Mr. Unigut. Please sit down here, citizen, and don’t mind the bear. His pockets are over-flowing with blood-sweets and Dum-Dums. Suck, suck, suck; that’s all you ever think about, boy. If it were my day we’d all be dead anyhow. SHItshEEEEEEyitttt, CITIZZZZEN!!! You make me want to shhhhhhit!

The moon, carved at last, into an accurate sculpture of
William Mckinley. MC Hammer. The March Hare. Mae West. Myra Hindley. Marvel. Madonna, from the Material Girl video. Mama Cass. Marlene Dietrich. Gustav Mahler. Thea Musgrave. Joseph Mengele.
Track Name: Dumb Education
We were the educated.
Classically trained to be dumb and numbered.
As the wheat from the chaff if we ever reacted to anything that wasn’t old or irrelevant too,
We’d be dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb… just like you.

I learn what I don’t wanna learn, and I don’t need to learn, and I don’t learn enough
For me to function properly. Ritalin did nothing for me.
How about you diagnose me cos I’m not performing to your expectations
Of results and behaviour.
And yet there’s people in the world who’d give their left tit
Just to learn the alphabet.
And all of this while you’re focusing on kids in detention for not paying attention,
You can keep your DUMB EDUCATION.
Track Name: Bite, or the Polyphagics (feat. Datblygu)
Help yourself to a bite of me. Everyone else has.
Don’t feel bad. Take a snap at me. Plenty to go around. Plenty to go around.

—[David R. Edwards]—

Prepare ourselves appetising, but still we don’t accept you’re here to eat.

—[David R. Edwards]—
Track Name: Splash, part 1
Oh if I could fall
Fall into such
Into such contagious sleep
That even if these
Walls were made
Of lead,
I could collapse
And splash…
Track Name: A Masterful Thief
Whenever it hurts
However I grieve
It’s always so sad and I feel like a shell of a man
Or even a beast.

Whenever you cry
Whenever I weep
I feel like we’re hooked upon the crooks of a powerful owl,
Such a masterful thief.

Life, life, oh life, life, life, life
Doo doo doo doo doo
Life, life, oh life, life, life, life
Doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo

Smoke out the pain
Like a bush into flames, licking up and engulfing the glade,
’Til the canopy drops.

Life, life, oh life, life, life, life
Doo doo doo doo doo
Life, life, oh life, life, life, life
Doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo

Whenever you cry
Whenever I weep
I feel like we’re hooked upon the crooks of a powerful owl
Such a masterful thief.
Track Name: Memories of the Future, 21st May, 2014 (Liverpool)